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Squash Ladder Rules
1. You may challenge the player one to three positions above you on the ladder. When you join the ladder you may challenge any player within 20% of your starting score for your first challenge.

2. All games should be played within 3 days of a challenge being made (unless there are extenuating circumstances) otherwise the challenger wins.

3. You should play your game at a mutually convenient time. If your timings do not coincide (one person can only play work days 9-5 and the other only evenings and weekends) and you CANNOT agree, then you MUST play your match on a weekday commencing between 5.00pm and 7.00pm GMT. This will be known as a 'compulsory match time'.

4. If the person being challenged offers 3 different 'compulsory match times' (on different days) and the challenger cannot make any of them, then the CHALLENGE is VOID.

5. If the person being challenged cannot offer 3 different 'compulsory match times' (on different days) then the CHALLENGER WINS by default.

6. If either party is more than 20 minutes late in attending an agreed match then the late or non attender loses the match.

7. If you make a successful challenge you swap your name with the person you beat. Therefore you may jump (or drop) up to three positions at a time.

8. Each player will duel 5 times (for a total of 10 duels, 5 per player) and invade 5 times (for a total of 10 invades, 5 per player) for a final combined total of 20 hits.If the Castle Age website goes down or experiences technical glitches, the match-up will be re-scheduled.

9. Please check with your opponent he/she has had time to use the general they want for defending for both duels and invades

10. If no result has been recorded by two thirds of the way through the challnege period a reminder is emailed to both parties.

11. If no result has been recorded by the end of the challenge period a warning is sent to record the result within a few days 'grace period'.

12. If no result has been recorded by the end of the grace period the challenger automatically wins.

13. If the challenger wishes to cancel the challenge they may do so within the challenge and grace period with no consequences.

14. If the challenged person (challengee) wishes to forfeit the challenge they can record this within the challenge and grace period and the game is won by the challenger by forfeit.


Data Protection:
The ladder is hosted on a not for profit basis by gauntlet.net. The data held is not processed for any purpose other than to allow individuals to participate in the ladder. The information held is Name and Email address. It is your choice if you wish to include any further contact details. They are stored in a password protected database. Your password to access the site is stored in the database in an encrypted form. The data is relatively safe but no guarantee is made regarding security.